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Scapa Flow Interpretation Centre is a "Must See". The centre itself used to be a pump house, its purpose to be instrumental in refuelling the British fleet during the two world wars, and, apart from a converted oil tank, it is all that remains of the once famous Naval Base at Lyness.

Really, the Scapa Flow Interpretation Centre is a war museum, full of memorabilia from both wars, and paints a vivid picture of those times. There are comprehensive displays from small arms, right up to a real torpedo and the 56 ton (combined weight) drive shaft and propeller (28 Ton) of H.M.S. Hampshire, which struck a German mine and sank off Orkney in 1916 - with Lord Kitchener.

A recording tells the story of the famous battle of Jutland, which resulted in the capture of the entire German fleet. Films are shown of what remains of the sunken German ships, as they now rest on the bottom of Scapa Flow, remaining a great attraction to the diving community.

The picture below shows the last temporary oil holding tank - just above the pump house (museum) - which has now been converted into a sort of cinema, where underwater films about the sunken German fleet can be viewed by the public.